Donate | Help the Manatee

There are several ways you can help the manatee population to benefit the future health and survival of the species. 

You can choose from a selection of manatee gifts for you or a loved one. A portion of the profits are donated to charities like the Save the Manatee Club.

You can also donate directly to the Save the Manatee Club; they offer a few ways to help these little fellas out. Donate by phone, monthly giving program, gifts of stock, and many other ways, so please, take a look at their support manatee protection page.

We hope that you will choose one of our delightful offerings so that everyone can benefit from your purchase. The manatees, the designers, the workers that make it happen, all make a portion of the proceeds from every sale. 

And don't forget! You get to enjoy your purchase from now and into the future.