Why You Should Use a Reusable Tote as a Beach Bag

The beach bag — it's a vital part of the beachgoing experience. Tons of Americans love the beach. But while the sun, the sand, and the sweet sweet ocean are all the main attractions of the beach, you're not going to be enjoying mother nature the whole time. 

You need food to sustain you, books to enrich you if you get bored, water to make sure that you don't dehydrate, and suntan lotion to make sure that your beach day doesn't turn out painful. You might even bring along a few games to play with friends. 

All of these things must be stored in a bag for the beach — preferably sand proof bags. But exactly what sort of bag are you supposed to use for this purpose? 

We argue that a reusable tote bag is the best sort of bag you could bring to the beach. Keep reading to learn why. 

They Look Great

Of course, you could head to that little shop by the beach and buy the first sand proof bag that you can find. It'll probably even have some awful tacky beach-saying on it, like "life's a beach". This bag will most certainly be tacky, and won't live up to the expectations of your outfit. 

By contrast, take a look at our "New Adventures Manatee Organic Bag".The compass with the manatee in the middle is the perfect design to communicate your love of the beach, without going overboard with it. It works as a beach bag — but it'll work in other situations too. 

The color is perfect as well, going with any light/white-based beach outfit. We can just imagine it pairing perfectly with a great light pair of sandals and a large sun hat. 

Keep in mind that a visit to the beach isn't all about the beach itself. You're most likely going to be interacting with people — you're going to want to look your best. 

However, you can't throw away practicality. This bag, while also being beautiful looking, has a six-gallon capacity, and a flat bottom. 

You Can Wash Them 

Yes, it's important to take a good-looking bag to the beach. However, you don't want to take something that you can't wash. A bag that's going to the beach is going to get dirty and sandy; there's a good chance that they might get wet/ covered in food as well: it's par for the course. 

For this purpose, you're going to want a bag that can be easily washed. Yes, that means you're new Gucci bag is going to stay at home. However, it doesn't mean you need to walk out of your house with a burlap sack. 

Just check out our Pink Pattern Beach Bag; it's the perfect accessory to go with any feminine beach outfit. And it's washable. Though this bag has a precious, fashionable exterior, it's durable and will be able to handle whatever you throw at it. 

You might be tempted to simply throw your backpack on and call it a day. However, there are so many holes in a backpack, that getting all of the sand out will take years. 

This bag has one big hole, specially designed for the beach. Clearing it out is a simple matter, and washing it will easily get out everything that doesn't belong in there. 

They're Sized Well

Size is important when it comes to a beach bag. It's a classic beach mistake to arrive with a bag that's too small. While it might be tempting to pack light, packing too light will leave you at a loss when you want to bring that new giant book to the beach along with your headphones, towel, and sweater (in case you stay through to the night and it gest cold). 

By the same token, you want to make sure you don't wind up taking a bag that's too large. You're not moving, after all. A bag that's too large won't get in the way quite the same way that a bag that's too small will, but it'll still spoil your fun. 

A tote bag is the perfect size to take to the beach. It's the perfect balance between function and fashion, big enough to carry everything you need, but small enough to still show off and compliment your outfit. 

You Can Carry Two of Them

Two totes are better than one... okay that might not be true, but at the end of the day, you might have to wind up carrying two bags. 

This list advises you to take quite a lot of things to take to the beach. If you have kids, friends who forgot to take bags, gadgets, gizmos, or changes of clothing, you might wind up with way too much for one bag. 

This is where the one-arm aspect of tote bags comes in handy: at the end of the day, if you need to, you can carry two of them at the same time; one over one shoulder, and the other over the other. 

Sure, it's not the most practical way to carry your clothes, and your shoulders and back are going to hurt something awful after. But it's better than nothing, and if you're going to have to carry too much, you might as well carry too much in two fashionable, washable, well-sized bags. 

A Tote Bag is the Best Beach Bag 

No matter how you look at it, a fashionable tote bag is the best beach bag there is. They're good-looking, they can take a beating, they're perfectly sized, and in a pinch, you can carry two of them. 

Don't hesitate to look great at the beach. 

For more information, contact everything manatee today. 

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