This Is What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

If you're planning a day at the beach, there are a lot of possibilities open to you. Regardless of what area of the world's 372,000 miles of coastline you plan to relax on, you're going to need a few things to take advantage of both sun and surf.

But how can you get ready for your coastal adventure? What will improve the quality of your R&R? Read on for a complete guide on what to bring to the beach to make the most of your day!

An Awesome Beach Bag

Before you can start packing for your day at the beach, it's important that you have something to hold your items. That's why a durable and fashionable beach bag is absolutely essential for your beach packing list.

You can get heavy-duty totes in tons of styles and sizes. Whether you want something with coastal manatee print or prefer a striped tote with palm trees on it, there's something for everyone.

You can also choose a string backpack for easy carrying and a waterproof pouch to hold your valuables. The bottom line is to have space to carry all the beachside necessities that matter most!

Some Spare Clothes

A swimsuit is an absolute necessity for a day at the beach- after all, you'll want to take advantage of the sea's gentle embrace. Get something you're comfortable in so that you can float on your back alone or play water games with your loved ones. Make sure that it's also comfortable enough for sunbathing!

However, beyond a swimsuit, you're going to want to bring a spare set of clothes. The ones that you wore over your swimwear (or before you put it on) are likely to get wet or sandy. You'll feel less anxious if you have a spare outfit in your bag.

Sunscreen and Shades

Sunbathing is awesome whether you're in trunks, a one-piece, or a bikini. But it can be really hard on your skin if you don't prepare to keep it safe. That's why you need to bring some sunscreen to the beach with you.

Sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV exposure, prevent sunburn, and reduce inflammation. Plus, since there are tons of natural sunscreens on the market, you can protect yourself with zero cost to the environment!

Shade also is an important way to protect your skin as well as your eyes. A beach umbrella is a good idea for reducing your exposure to UV light once you're done sunbathing. It can also stop the sun can getting into your eyes while you're trying to relax, read, eat, or socialize.

Sunglasses are also an awesome idea for eye protection. They're small and easy to carry. Plus, sunglasses are super stylish if you get a pair that goes well with your swimsuit or towel!

Top-Notch Towels

Speaking of towels, packing at least two of them is one of the most important tips for spending the day at the beach. You're going to want at least one large beach towel per person so that you can lay them on the sand comfortably. There's no reason to get all scratched up or deal with sand everywhere!

However, too many people make the mistake of using these same towels to dry off after going in the water. This leads to the towels getting wet, which in turn gets sand stuck to them if you lay them back on the ground. It's a surefire way to take home a ton of sand and potentially damage other items in your bag.

Bring a second towel specifically for drying off and keep the one that you're laying on dry. Put the wet towel in a plastic bag before reinserting it into your tote or string backpack. This will protect everything else that you've brought along from getting wet.

A Great Read

While you're at the beach, you're going to want a fun and relaxing activity. Sleeping under the sun might be nice, but it only goes so far! A book is a great choice for those moments because it will keep your mind occupied and your spirits high.

A fun contemporary romance is the perfect read for a day at the beach. Consider Rachel Lynn Solomon's The Ex Talk or Sajni Patel's The Trouble With Hating You. These books are fun, filled with laughs, and give you great characters to enjoy your beach day alongside.

Your Favorite Picnic

You're going to need to eat while you're at the beach, and while some beaches have restaurants and food stands, not all of them do. Do your research to see what's within walking distance and decide whether or not you want to go.

If yes, great! All you'll need to do is pack some snacks. Watermelon is usually really refreshing for warm summer days, as are other types of juicy fruit. Some nuts are a good choice for protein, too.

But if you want to have a picnic rather than spending money at a restaurant, you should take your favorite meal with you in a cooler. Pasta salad is usually a good choice, especially if you make it yourself. However, you can also pack cold-cut sandwiches or even a bento box.

The possibilities are limitless!

Get Ready for Your Day at the Beach

While a day at the beach is always relaxing, packing the right way can make it an even more fun and memorable day. Now that you've read a complete beach packing list for your next day off, it's time to start shopping for the bags, apparel, and accessories that you need to bring with you.

Everything Manatee provides sustainable and stylish products to beach-lovers while donating a portion of all proceeds to wildlife conservation. Contact us with any questions that you have about our mission and to get help choosing the best beach gear for you!

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