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Manatee Conservation: How You Can Help

Did you know that manatee can weigh about 800-1,300 pounds, and measure up to 13.1 feet? Are you a fan of these mammals and want to know how you can do your part and help? 

In this article, learn all about manatee conservation to explore different ways to help. Read on to explore these different conservation methods and help manatee to live long and beautiful lives. 


1. Be Active

If you're a local, do your part in becoming a manatee conservation volunteer. Help out with different cleanup events to clean the beaches, parks, roadsides, and shorelines. When you're out in nature for the day, make sure to discard fishing lines in the garbage and pick up your litter. 


2. Obey the Rules

For all boat enthusiasts, abide by the rules in order to help protect these gentle creatures. Look for GPS tag units on manatees as you're out on the boat. These tags are for research purposes and should not be tampered with. 

Avoid seagrass when you're on your boat. This is where manatee enjoy to rest and feed. If you see a manatee, give them space and never touch them. 

Keep in mind that when you have a fast boat, you're increasing the likelihood of hurting a manatee. Watercraft that hits a manatee on the head might kill the gentle creature. Avoid coming into contact with them. 


3. Buy Merch

Consider buying different merchandise that helps manatee. Whether it's a mug, footwear, or clothing, you have plenty of options. 


4. Take Action

Contact Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis, and tell him that you support strong manatee protection. Having your voice heard will help spread the importance of helping these gentle creatures.

You can email, fax, or send a letter. Whether you're in Florida or not, all correspondence will help. 


Governor Ron DeSantis 

The Capitol

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Phone: 850-717-9337


You can also reach out to your representatives and senators. Let them know how important the protection of manatees is to you, and how it'll help them. You can head to the house or senate website to find your local politicians as well. 

Helping Hurt Manatee

If you see a hurt manatee, don't try to move it. Instead, you'll want to contact your local manatee conservation center.

Never remove or touch a beached or stranded manatee. If you try to go after them, they might move in fear, and then wind up even more stranded. Reach out to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission if you spot a hurt or stranded manatee. 

Boating Safely

In order to protect manatee, you'll want to stay in deep-water channels while boating. Stay at least 50 feet away from the manatee when you're in the boat. Never litter or discard lines or hooks into the water.

Exploring Manatee Conservation

Now that you've explored all about manatee conservation, you should have a better idea of how you can help protect these gentle giants. Are you ready to do your part by getting cool manatee merch that goes to helping manatee? Check out our different apparel today and help with manatee conservation. 

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