8 Items of Manatee Apparel for Every Ocean Lover

Legends say that maidens used to perch upon rocks near the sea, singing strangely compelling songs that sailors could not resist. For decades seamen reported spotting mermaids and sirens in the ocean near the Florida Keys. Were there really mythical creatures among us? 

As it turned out, those placid beauties were not mermaids or sirens, but the sweet and gentle manatee - and these gentle giants are disappearing rapidly. 

An influx of boat propellers, climate change, and other harmful activity is reducing the manatee population every single day. Luckily, wearing cute and stylish manatee apparel is enough to make a massive difference! Manatee lovers can help support conservation efforts by shopping for manatee gifts at Everything Manatee! 

When you shop for manatee hoodies and other manatee clothing, a percentage of your purchase will be going to support conservation groups and organizations. Wondering what adorable sea cow-adorned options are out there? Keep reading to learn about eight of our favorite species-saving pieces! 

1. The "Protect What You Love" Manatee Hoodie

What could be a warmer slogan than "Protect what you love?" The only thing we can think of is the same slogan printed on a cozy cotton hoodie featuring a kangaroo pocket! Each hoodie features an adorable manatee graphic that is certain to draw attention to the plight of these beautiful beasts!

The hoodie comes in four colors: light blue, red, indigo blue, and light pink. They are perfect for snuggling up during cold nights on the beach, or for bundling up in the winter and dreaming of warmer days! 

2. Manatee Print Socks

If you really love something, why not show it off from head to toe? With a pair of manatee print socks, you can do just that! These cozy polyester socks feature a repeating, rainbow manatee print that is as eye-catching as it is adorable! They come in both black and blue, so you can wear these kooky socks day or night! 

If you want to wear socks that help save manatees every day of the week, Everything Manatee also offers these high-quality socks in toucan, crab, and pineapple print! If you purchase the whole set, you can pack them for your next beach vacation! 

3. Manatee Cotton Drawstring Bags

Whether you're headed to the beach, the classroom, or the gym, you need something to hold your stuff. Why not use it as an opportunity to show off your love for ocean life conservation? Everything Manatee has a large collection of cotton drawstring bags featuring a colorful collection of prints and slogans that children and adults will love! 

Some of our favorites include:

  • Seas the Day
  • Beach Hair Don't Care
  • Take Time to COAST
  • Save ARGH! Seas

Each bag features unique manatee art with a fun nautical theme that ocean lovers will absolutely adore! Why not fill one of these bags with some other manatee swag and give the ultimate manatee lovers gift? 

4. Manatee Baby T-Shirts

What is cuter than a baby manatee? How about a human baby dressed in a tiny, precious manatee print t-shirt? The popular "Save The Chubby Mermaid" design from Everything Manatee is also available in teeny tiny sizes for the smallest manatee fans among us! If you know a manatee-loving parent-to-be, these make excellent gifts for baby showers. 

If you're already parenting a little mermaid, consider decking your little landlubber out in one of these stylish shirts for a nautical-themed birthday party! 

5. Manatee Flip-Flops

If you're a regular beachgoer - as many manatee lovers are - then chances are good that you have a huge collection of flip flops! Why not add a pair of manatee print flip-flops to your collection? Everything Manatee offers flip-flops in eight striking designs, so you can match them to all of your favorite manatee-themed beach gear! 

These are a great 'going away' gift for college students, whether they're moving near the beach or just need a pair of shower shoes! 

6. Pastel Manatee Print Hoodie

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you aren't a fan of printed slogans, you can still show off your manatee-love with a pastel manatee print hoodie! This trendy top with a brushed-fleece interior features a fashionable, all-over manatee print in a pleasant, pastel color scheme. It even has a double-lined hood, and the precious pattern continues on the inside! 

This print is available in both men's and women's sizes, so you can even buy two and match your partner or friend! This is a fun gift for the bridal party after a beach or destination wedding! 

7. Help Save the Manatees T-Shirt

What is more versatile than a t-shirt? Manatee lovers will happily wear the popular 'Help Save the Manatees' t-shirt on dress-down day at work!

If you order a few sizes up, they also make excellent swim cover-ups with a perfect beach or poolside theme! 

8. Manatee Beanie Hats

A true beach-lover knows that even on the hottest summer day, the beach gets chilly when the sun goes down! Manatee lovers will love covering up their wet hair and warming their chilly ears with a manatee beanie hat! When the weather gets too cold for manatee spotting on the beach, they look great with winter coats and boots, too! 

Each beanie comes printed with a stylish, manatee-themed logo with a message about conservation. You can choose your favorite or collect them all so you can spread knowledge in style all year long! 

Save the Sea Cow! Buy Manatee Apparel! 

Every single piece of manatee apparel on the Everything Manatee online store is ideal for spreading awareness about manatee conservation! Every piece is cheerful, and many feature positive mission statements that will help you spread the word! There will be no doubt that you are a champion for manatees and dugongs in the Florida Keys and beyond! 

Clothing for adults and children is available for sale directly in the Everything Manatee online store. Browse the collections today and purchase a gift that you can feel great about giving! Shipping is free on every product in the collection! 

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